Todays Hearing Decision

Today saw Planning Committee B presented with a planning officers recommendation to grant the PLUTUS application for 48 diesel generators in StPhilips, a decision based on tainted data provided by PLUTUS.

Thanks to our sensible Councillors it was decided to defer the decision until some important questions could be answered.

As a group we are fully aware that the Councillors need a strong legal reason to refuse an application, this is why we offered the planning office a complete independent AQA, the planning office refused this offer so as it was all we could do in the time we had, we commissioned a review done on their AQA (this can be read in full in here).

Included in the Air Quality Assessment Review we commissioned were some serious issues and inconsistencies within the PLUTUS AQA, in basic terms the AQA that was produced by PLUTUS was a compiled from running selected data through a modelling program to calculate what will happen, within this model they used out of date data, made several miscalculations and in some cases totally omitted pertinent information.

So as it now stands we have 5 weeks until the case goes before committee again, in that time we hope our peer review data will be included in the recommendation process, hopefully with the correct data the officers will be able to recommend a refusal and the Councillors will be able to vote for rejection on stable ground.