St Werburghs public meeting

BS2Greenspace are holding a public meeting in the St Werburghs Community Centre at 6.30pm on Wednesday 2nd December.

The main point of the meeting is to help everyone to understand how they can write a statement to submit to Democratic Services to let them know what you think of the plans, what you can do on 9th December at the Council Meeting and what the next steps to the process are…..

We are expecting a report to come out on 2nd December which will give us an idea of what the Council Officers recommendations are for these plans – whether to grant or refuse permission, this recommendation does not mean that the decision has already been taken, as the decision now rests entirely with the elected members.

Whatever the recommendation, the council will debate the plans on 9th December in a session that starts at 2pm. This will be held at Colston Hall.

You can attend this meeting – it’s open to the public.

You can submit QUESTIONS on this to DEADLINE 5pm 3rd December

You can submit a STATEMENT on this to DEADLINE 12 midday 8th December

You can tell the council the main points of your statement at the council meeting.

Come to our meeting on 2nd December at the Community Centre and find out more about what we can do to get the right verdict on this!

Please share far and wide……(we will be doing some flyers too).