Bristol Council (Green Capital of Europe??) wants to allow the building of a dirty fuel gas Power Station next to St Werburghs Primary, Nursery & Junior Schools, family homes and our Community Centre… There will be 10 chimneys 12m/41ft high, which will further pollute our already poor air quality.
We now have until this WEDNESDAY 11 NOVEMBER to object… it only takes 5 mins, so please follow the link, click on COMMENTS, and help us fight this……/applicationDetails.d…

OBJECTIONS HAVE TO BE ON PLANNING GROUNDS, so please select some objections from the list below…

– Risk to young children siting Power Station only 100 metres from St Werburghs Primary & Nursery Schools, 250 metres from St Werburghs Junior School and close to Mill Pond School across M32.
– No safety record for siting generator station in densely populated residential area close to schools.
– The UKPR company admit they have no experience of running a generator in a residential area, and it is normally sited in an industrial area away from residents.
– Power Station will emit toxic fumes such as Carbon Monoxide, and schools & community centre are all within the radius of the site’s predicted emissions adding to polluted air quality.
– St Werburghs already has severe air pollution due to proximity of M32 motorway + twice daily rush hour traffic jams through centre of our community due to M32 overspill.
– Already high levels of air pollutant Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on this site, which causes respiratory problems. Nitrogen dioxide inflames the lining of the lungs, and produces wheezing, coughing, colds, flu and bronchitis. In people with asthma it causes more frequent and intense attacks. Children with asthma and older people with heart disease are most at risk.
– Increased risk to health of local community from air pollutants, especially breathing problems/asthma for school children & the elderly.
– The M32 corridor has some of the worst air quality in the whole city, and this poor air quality extends to the Easton area due to the prevailing south-west winds.
– Already high level of toxic lead pollutants in soil in Gatton Rd gardens.

– 10 chimneys are 12m/41ft high, house roofs are 26ft, towering above by 15ft dominating local community.
– Visual pollution of local area & skyline for residents and visitors to Bristol.
– Siting of Power Station at M32 gateway to Green City of Bristol to welcome visitors.
– No Visual Impact Assessment can be found in the application.

– Unassessed risk to residents from Low Frequency Noise.
– No noise insulation to be provided for the site’s transformer.
– Residents & school children already suffer from noise pollution from M32 motorway + train line.

– High risk to highway safety siting combustible gas fuel Power Station alongside a Scrap Yard where there have been several large dangerous fires in recent years next to M32 motorway.
– An unmanned gas fuel generator with specific safety incendiary risks sited close to a major motorway and densely populated local area.

– Devastating effect on local community and those who live nearby.
– There has been no public consultation with the St Werburghs community, and no public planning notices displayed in the area.

– Risk to wildlife on nearby Narroways, which is important wildlife habitat in inner city.
– Proposed site is currently green open space home to wildlife, and residents are campaigning to keep it so.
– Risk to endangered European protected Great Crested Newt species, which currently breed on the site.

– Dirty fuel, not renewable green energy in line with St Werburghs green/eco local community ethos.
– Similar planning application was withdrawn in Yeovil.
– More green spaces needed in St Werburghs to counteract air pollution, not a Power Station.
– St Werburghs is a green lung in inner city Bristol, and this must be preserved.
– No Environmental Impact Assessment in the application.

– Only remaining access to rest of site will be from residential Saxon Rd, which has been deemed unacceptable in other planning applications.

It is shameful that Bristol as European Green Capital can even consider such an application.