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RADE joins Gas Communities United – Clean Air Day 2021

Benefit not harm

RADE [Residents Against Dirty Energy] has joined GCU [Gas Communities United] on behalf of the Baggator Nexus in Bristol. RADE and GCU will ensure that Gasometer redevelopment by Temple Meads Station benefits, not harms, the surrounding communities.

The Gasometer site is part of the new Bristol University Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus. We know from GCUs work that handled incorrectly means a legacy of air pollution and health effects. This site lies within one of the most deprived wards in England and is within 100 meters of a proposed new secondary school.

The Baggator Nexus is a mix of organisations and groups that share their expertise and skills. Leading on St Philip’s Marsh is Marsh Maker, a neighbourhood planning group with a long history of working with RADE on planning both the future of the Marsh and individual planning applications.

Clean Air Day

Joining GCU is part of RADE’s Clean Air Day programme. On the same day [24th May], RADE is launching STEM@Baggator, a Young Citizen Scientist initiative that will use the STEM Ambassadors and UWE [the University of the West of England] to encourage 8-17 year-olds to see the science behind their lives. RADE will share the data from the Saaf Hava Air Quality project in Easton to find ways to display this information in a meaningful way.

RADE’s plans for Clean Air Day [17th June] also include

  • Completion of the Saaf Hava network of sensors with the Council of Bristol Mosques. 20+ sites across Easton measuring Particulates, NO2, and Traffic
  • A mural depicting the experience of Air Pollution in Bristol from a South Asian Perspective
  • Launching Fox Park Market with a BAME & Air Pollution theme amongst stallholders and items on sale
  • Adopting the principle of ‘Worst First’ across the Baggator Nexus. Concentrating on the Worst First is a well-established way of rationing resources that avoids increasing Privilege when tackling problems like Air Pollution. Explicit in this is the avoidance of displacing a problem from an affluent to a deprived community.

Angela Fonso of GCU & CASH [Clean Air for Southall & Hayes] said, “RADE joining GCU brings campaign expertise and considerable success with strategies to combat air pollution and the unequal impact on disadvantaged communities. Together, we can tackle the injustice of redeveloping gasworks sites and placing public health as the priority for the remediation and regeneration of contaminated land.”

Stuart Phelps of Baggator and RADE said, “We have already drawn heavily on the work of GCU and look forward to repaying our debt as part of the group. We want to say that on Clean Air Day, we all breathe the same air, but the truth is we don’t. Too often, BAME and Working-Class Communities breathe in more of the pollution created by privileged communities, not just from traffic, but wood-burning, and the redevelopment of brownfield sites.”

More info on GCU & CASH here

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