Say No To Dirty Diesel Engines In Our City

Plutus have lodged a Planning Appeal

This time there will be no ‘public’ event like a Council Meeting.

RADE, Citizens, and the Council are all on the same side – opposing Plutus, so we should work together.

Tell the Mayor, Marvin Rees, Fi Hance cabinet member for energy and Marg Hickman & Hibaq Jama, the councillors responsible for the ward where the proposed site is located, you want them to fight for Bristols air quality and oppose the London investment bankers who consider us disposable

Please use the form below to let them know.

Dear Marvin, Fi, Marg and Hibaq

I am opposed to Plutus Energy Ltd’s appeal to get permission for 48, 15lt Diesel Generators 200 meters from St Philips Marsh Nursery School and close to homes in Lawrence Hill, Totterdown, St Annes and Arnos Vale. That is the same displacement as over 100 dirty diesel busses . Bristol City Council has already rejected Plutus’ plans. I expect the Council to fight this appeal and do everything in their power to defend their original decision.

Bristol is highly unequal in its health outcomes. For some health and wellbeing indicators Bristol ranks as one of the healthiest core cities but this masks the significantly lower outcomes in areas that rank among the most deprived in the country. Lawrence Hill Ward is the most deprived ward in Bristol and the South West of England, with 45% of children living in poverty. Bristol Public Health sites children, family and community health as prime concerns, yet this proposal flies in the face of this vision to protect and improve the health of our children and communities.

This development will impact on Bristol’s environment and the health of its citizens contrary to Bristol City Council own policies. The proposed development will be located within the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) of Bristol and undoubtably increase pollution in this area. Bristol is a city where pollution has already reached levels only exceeded by London, particularly for NOx emissions (which this 48 large diesel engines will add to). Therefore, there can be no acceptable reason for the development to be grated approval in an area where existing levels already exceed safe limits. Pollution is particularly problematic in the St Philip’s area where it is often trapped at ground level.

In their appeal statement Plutus Energy Ltd significantly play down the existence of a residential population in the area. There are significantly more residential properties within a 600 metre radius of the site than is indicated in the appeal.

Finally the proximity of St Philips Nursery School makes this proposal totally unacceptable due to the lifelong damage caused by exposure to pollutants at a young age.

It’s crucial that this development is not forced on our community. Please make sure that Bristol City Council sends a strong response to this appeal.


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Keep Plutus out of Bristol

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