R.A.D.E. is a central rallying point for residents, action groups and organisations concerned about the placement of Short Term Operating Reserve ‘STOR’ sites in residential areas and communities without proper regard to the health of Bristol residents and the environment.

Notification of committee date

Application no.  15/02310/F
Site address:  Avonbank Feeder Road Bristol BS2 0TH
Proposal:  Proposed installation of diesel powered generators and associated infrastructure […]

Good progress from Lockleaze residents


Council Meeting

Deadline for questions, statements and petitions

Public forum
Any member of the public or councillor may participate in Public Forum.  Please note that the following deadlines […]

STOR Done Right ?

Whether you believe the need for STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) is a result of the Tory governments policy […]

What we will get

Ever wondered what these “Short Term Operating Reserve” generators looks like?

They would have us beleive they are small self […]

Bristol’s fight back against dirty energy

Please come along and support Bristol’s fight back against dirty energy companies that are part of the Conservative Goverments […]

Next Meeting Mon 9th Nov

Please share this on facebook and twitter. Please also speak to your friends, family and colleagues. They can help […]


Bristol Council (Green Capital of Europe??) wants to allow the building of a dirty fuel gas Power Station next […]