Wednesday 28th Sept

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates, we have been working very hard behind the scenes trawling through the masses of paperwork, Plutus are trying to inundate us under as per their normal technique of attrition. Sadly the council officers have seen fit to again recommend the granting of this child killing application in spite of the errors and lies …

Todays Hearing Decision

Today saw Planning Committee B presented with a planning officers recommendation to grant the PLUTUS application for 48 diesel generators in StPhilips, a decision based on tainted data provided by PLUTUS. Thanks to our sensible Councillors it was decided to defer the decision until some important questions could be answered. As a group we are fully aware that the Councillors …

Air Quality Assessment Review

Click on the file below to download the independent review commissioned by RADE that shows how the PLUTUS AQA is full of outdated data, incorrect calculations and manipulation of data. This is the review that BCC planning said was not needed as the applicants AQA was The submitted information received scoping input from BCC officers and the air quality report …

RADE public meeting

we will be developing a plan of action for the run up to the hearing, even if you can’t make the hearing on the 13th, please do come as there are lots of ways you can help before the hearing.

Planning Meeting

This is the date currently set for deciding on the latest application for diesel powered STOR site in our community

True cost of Palm Oil HVO Bio-Diesel

An interesting artical from The Ecomomist, after listening/reading this do we realy still believe that Palm Oil HVO Bio-Diesel is the “safe” option Plutus claim it to be?     Indonesia – Deforestation – Palm Oil

Call to action

It’s official, Plutus (or Pollute Us) has submitted another slightly modified application to dump a STOR site in our community. The application can be viewed at We need to act now! so RADE is asking for people to spread the word, we need to let people know this is happening as soon as possible either by social media, leaflets …

The Polluters are back

Heads up people, it looks like Plutus and UKPR are preparing applications again, still waiting for conformation and details but as soon as we know anything it will get posted