St MArks Rd TAckles Climate Change

St Marks Rd together to tackle climate change

Thursday 21st September 2021 1 to 7pm Join local residents, traders and stakeholders to tackle climate change. Pop into the Community Kiosk to see presentations by Bristol Sweet Mart and Bristol Energy Project and see the new mural by all women street art group – Peace of Art.

The impacts of air pollution video

Lunchtime Talk: Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah and Dr Gary Fuller The impacts of air pollution being added to the death certificate of 9-year old Ella, and how the UK must strengthen air pollution limits. If you only have 10 minutes, watch from 48:30-58:10 – it’s 10 minutes that sums up the biggest issues in dealing with Air Pollution.

Air Quality Inequalities Webinar

RADE has been working with this diverse and stimulating group since Christmas. We’ve now tackling the #WorstFirst as the only way to fight Air Pollution Inequality without feeding Privilege. Thanks to everyone who’s taken part. 

Webinar: Air Quality Inequity for Clean Air Day 2021

RADE has been deeply involved in the Environment Agency work on Inequality and Air Quality. With groups in deprived communities like CASH, GCU and BMCS, we must tackle the Worst Air Pollution first. Anything else benefits the Privileged. On Clean Air Day 17th June 2021, the Environment Agency will be hosting presentations and panel discussions on environmental equity and presenting interim findings from the …


#StopBurningStuff – Is wood burning carbon neutral?

 Posted with permission from Mike Hinford, this excellent video talks through the devastating effects of burning wood. You can click through to see Mike’s YouTube channel or visit it here. He focuses on chronic illness, universal basic income and air pollution.  

clean air day

RADE joins Gas Communities United – Clean Air Day 2021

Benefit not harm RADE [Residents Against Dirty Energy] has joined GCU [Gas Communities United] on behalf of the Baggator Nexus in Bristol. RADE and GCU will ensure that Gasometer redevelopment by Temple Meads Station benefits, not harms, the surrounding communities. The Gasometer site is part of the new Bristol University Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus. We know from GCUs work that …

Logging forests for wood pellets in British Columbia

Logging forests for wood pellets in British Columbia

Forest Defenders Alliance The Canadian #WoodPellet industry is logging old growth forests for #biomass. The EU’s weak sustainability rules won’t change this. The wood pellet industry in British Columbia wants you to believe that they only use mill residues and waste wood to make the wood pellets they ship to the EU and Asia as “renewable” fuel. In fact, they’re …

Worst First:We must tackle the worst Air Pollution first

Worst First: This is why we must tackle the worst Air Pollution first. Nothing can be allowed to make it Air Pollution worse in the already worst areas like Easton Way Do we all breathe the same air? Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah was a nine-year-old girl who lived in south-east London and died in 2013. The cause of death was listed as …