If you wish to register your objection the the second planning application by Plutus Energy to locate 48 diesel generators in an area of Bristol which already has some of the worst air quality in the region, this guide will help.


Follow this LINK to the comments page for application #16/00719/F

you will see this page


scroll down to the section of info fields (see bellow)

complete all the boxes with a * (you do not need to add a phone number)


finally complete the ‘Your Comment’ box and click the SUBMIT button.

You should write your objection referencing the things that will affect you, your family and community, to help here a few ideas:

  1. Not in keeping with the Bristol Core Strategy (BS23)
  2. The applicants noise impact assessment contravenes guidelines as defined by the chartered institute of environmental health.
  3. The proposed installation is located within the Bristol air quality management area, a known poor air quality ares that already exceeds government limits
  4. The generators will be less than 200 metres from the school play area
  5. Not in keeping with the ethos of Green Capital
  6. The pollution – from a bio-deisel plant or not – will be in addition to the pollution that kills 200 Bristolians per year

All comments will be considered. The Planning office  can only take planning issues into account, such as:

  1. air pollution
  2. noise pollution
  3. design
  4. appearance of the development
  5. loss of light or privacy
  6. overshadowing on your home
  7. highway safety
  8. traffic and parking issues
  9. amenity
  10. wildlife
  11. historic buildings
  12. conservation

They can’t take some issues into account, such as:

  1. loss of view
  2. effect on property values
  3. private rights
  4. boundary disputes
  5. construction noise